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In professional care environments where many patients must be taken care of every day, time is often a limited resource.

When compared with other methods of lifting and transferring patients most ceiling hoists will save you time and increase the comfort of both the patient and care provider. However, some ceiling hoist systems will save you more time than others. How much time you save is, among other things, defined by how fast the ceiling hoist operates. And although a few seconds and minutes here and there does not seem like much, it quickly adds up.

Fill in the blanks below and get an indication of just how much and compare the performance of Guldmann products with others.
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* Please note that all Guldmann speed specifications are the same no matter what load within the SWL of the model you choose. Make sure that the lifting speed specifications of the manufacturer you compare with are based on lifts with a load that matches your need (and within the SWL of the product you have choosen)
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Please note that the above results are just part of how much time can be saved. Other factors like availability (is the hoist there and is it ready to use), ease of use, complexity and reliability of the chosen product and the competence level of the staff that operates the ceiling hoist will have en effect on how much more time to care that potentionally can be gained by optimizing the lifting and handling process in a busy care environment.

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